The Mission of CSSN:

  • To provide a secure network of support for those who have experienced or are experiencing assault, abuse, and/or harassment.
  • To inspire people to come forth and tell the story of their journey though trauma and recovery, particularly as it relates to cosplay convention culture.
  • To encourage inclusivity of age, race, gender, sexual orientation, ability; it doesn't matter who you are or how it happened - we believe you.
  • To provide resources for those in crisis or those helping people in crisis: mental health and physical wellness as well as long-term solutions and other support groups.
  • To encourage qualified programs and trained individuals to respond to situations of this nature at conventions.
  • To treat survivors, their bodies, and their cosplay work with utmost respect and spread positivity.

The Cosplayer Survivor Support Network was founded by Trickssi in November of 2016.
If you're interested in helping out with our mission, contact Trickssi at the email address below, or consider supporting us on either Patreon or Ko-Fi.
As we are a currently a small volunteer organization, donations, while greatly appreciated, are not tax deductible.
We Believe You.