The Mission of CSSN:

  • To provide a secure network of support for those who have experienced or are experiencing assault, abuse, stalking, and/or harassment.
  • To provide resources for those in crisis or those helping people in crisis: mental health and physical wellness as well as long-term solutions and other support groups.
  • To inspire people to come forth and tell the story of their journey though trauma and recovery, particularly as it relates to cosplay convention culture.
  • To encourage inclusivity of age, race, gender, sexual orientation, ability; it doesn't matter who you are or how it happened - we believe you.
  • To encourage qualified programs and trained individuals to respond to situations of this nature at conventions.
  • To treat survivors, their bodies, and their cosplay work with utmost respect and spread positivity.
  • To encourage conventions and online spaces to take our needs as survivors seriously, effectively, and sustainably; and to identify which individuals or groups are qualified to assist with the growth of their antiharassment culture.
  • To promote healthy and safe interventions for allies who wish to help but don't know how.
  • To hold conventions and individuals accountable for violations of every person's right not to be harassed/stalked/abused/assaulted and for actions that are not conducive to the safety of everyone both in the convention's physical and online spaces.