Staff & Volunteers

Executive Director

Trickssi is the founder and executive director of the CSSN. An accomplished dancer who has been in leotards and tights since the age of three, she began cosplaying more seriously in 2014, with her first character being Presa from Tales of Xillia. (For more on what Presa means to Trickssi, read her article here.) She can be reached at

Photo credit: Houkakyou.

Operations Director

Feytaline is a cosplayer, photographer, and columnist. She can be reached at

Photo credit: Jordan Jones.

Communications Director

Fractali is our webmistress, social media manager, and columnist. A writer and cosplayer, she has a bachelor's in biology and psychology with a focus on personality and social psychology. Her honors thesis studied the effect self-esteem can have on rape myth acceptance in individuals who identify as female.

She spent seven years volunteering at a shelter for survivors of intimate personal violence and another twelve working with foster children who suffered abuse and neglect. One of her proudest accomplishments was serving as a volunteer with Hillary Clinton's 2016 Presidential campaign. She has completed courses with the Office for Victims of Crime's Victim Assistance Training and the End Violence Against Women International's Online Training Institute.

Please report any technical issues to her at

Photo credit: Houkakyou.