Staff & Volunteers

Trickssi is the founder of the CSSN and serves as its editor-in-chief and main columnist. An accomplished dancer who has been in leotards and tights since the age of three, she began cosplaying more seriously in 2014, with her first character being Presa from Tales of Xillia. (For more on what Presa means to Trickssi, read her article here.) She can be reached at

Photo credit: Houkakyou.

Feytaline is a cosplayer, photographer, and columnist. She can be reached at

Photo credit: Jordan Jones.

Fractali is the site's webmistress & occasional columnist. A general dork and professional number cruncher who graduated with a 4-year degree in psychology, she has been volunteering & working with vulnerable populations for almost twenty years. In her spare time, she writes fanfiction, retweets pictures of cute animals, and has begun cosplaying. One of her proudest accomplishments was serving as a volunteer with Hillary Clinton's 2016 Presidential campaign.

When she's not busy with any of that, Fractali is being judged by her cat, who generally disapproves of anything that doesn't involve treats and/or feather toys.

Please report any technical issues to her at

Photo credit: Houkakyou.