Our Stories & Voices: H

April 18th, 2018

Content Warning(s): intimidation, unwanted photographs, sexual harassment.

Submitted for Sexual Assault Awareness Month - Our Voices & Stories.

"Submitted by H. Content warning: intimidation, unwanted photographs, sexual harassment.

"My husband and I stayed at one of the con hotels, where they were play-testing board games in the conference rooms. The expo hall had closed, but we didn't want to head back to the room just yet, so we stopped by and play-tested a few games.

I got up to find a bathroom. While in the hallway, I was quite literally cornered by a man and his friend. The man asked if he could take a picture with me.

I wasn't wearing a costume."


H, we're so sorry to hear you went through that. That you were harassed even in such a short window of vulnerability (where you, assuming your husband identifies as another gender, had to go find a bathroom yourself) is alarming. That you weren't wearing a costume further emphasizes the fact that "Cosplay Is Not Consent" wasn't there to have your back, and would not have stopped this person from attempting to harass you. We want to remind you that it's not your fault this happened, and you're not alone.


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