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February 2018

Buzzwords are Just Words, and the Cosplayer is Not Content by Trickssi
"Cosplay Is Not Consent" didn't help me. (Published 02/08/18)


January 2018

National Stalking Awareness Month by Fractali
About 7.5 million Americans are stalked every year. (Published 01/23/18)

Witch Hunts by Fractali
The favorite phrase of critics of the #MeToo movement. (Published 01/16/18)


October 2017

Being a "Feminist" in Harvey Weinstein's World by Fractali
The problem with Mayim Bialik's op-ed for the New York Times. (Published 10/18/17)


September 2017

The Bystander Effect by Fractali
Why more witnesses to an event doesn't necessarily mean more assistance. (Published 09/22/17)

Anime Punch - edited by CSSN Staff
The perfect example of a "missing stair" in the anime community. (Published 09/20/17)

National Campus Safety Awareness Month by Fractali
Victim blaming & the myth of rampant false rape allegations. (Published 09/13/17)

Convention Harassment Policies by Feytaline
After presenting a panel or speaking about harassment, we're often asked, "How can I help?" (Published 09/06/17)


August 2017

"You Could be Lying" by Trickssi
What happens when conventions don't have sufficient anti-harassment policies. (Published 08/21/17)

"Can't Blame a Dude" by Fractali
Non-Consensual Sexting: The Hot New Way to Make Someone Really Uncomfortable. (Published 08/20/17)


April 2017

Sexual Assault Survivor Month

Resources for Survivors by Trickssi
For the conclusion of Sexual Assault Survivor Month. (Published 04/30/17)

Moment of Silence by Trickssi
For those who are silent, or have been silenced. (Published 04/29/17)

Dezel Is Problematic by Trickssi
Rape metaphors in Tales of Zestiria. (Published 04/28/17)

Domestic Violence and Marital Rape by Trickssi
Misconceptions about the "less serious" nature of these crimes. (Published 04/27/17)

Rape Kits by Trickssi
What they are, how they're used, and why so many haven't been tested. (Published 04/26/17)

Jill "Presa" Lewin by Trickssi
Presa's journey and what it means to Trickssi. (Published 04/25/17)

It's Not Just Women by Trickssi
Survivors who don't identify as female. (Published 04/24/17)

Sexual Violence against Bisexual People by Trickssi
Aggressions against the "invisible" orientation. (Published 04/23/17)

"Legitimate" Rape by Trickssi
No, the body doesn't have a way to "shut the whole thing down". (Published 04/22/17)

Rape as Device in Media by Trickssi (04/21/17)
The portrayal of sexual assault in movies, television, etc. (Published 04/21/17)

"That Pairing is Problematic" by Trickssi (04/20/17)
Bullying and shaming in fandom. (Published 04/20/17)

Double Standards by Trickssi
Who decides what is 'classy' and what is 'shameful'? (Published 04/19/17)

"There is a Flame in My Heart..." by Trickssi
The journey of Tales of Berseria protagonist Velvet Crowe. (Published 04/18/17)

The Invisible War by Trickssi
Rape and assault in the military. (Published 04/17/17)

Thank You by Trickssi
A personal note from Trickssi. (Published 04/16/17)

The Hunting Ground: Campus Rape by Trickssi
The reality of sexual assault on college campuses. (Published 04/15/17)

School Dress Codes by Trickssi
How society tells young girls they are simply a 'distraction' to boys. (Published 04/14/17)

"Can I at Least Get a Smile?" by Trickssi
Catcalling and other elements of rape culture. (Published 04/13/17)

Elizabeth Smart by Trickssi
With a focus on society's value of virginity. (Published 04/12/17)

"Boys Will be Boys" by Trickssi
Our society continues to make excuses for men who assault and abuse. (Published 04/11/17)

Ecstatic Affect in Ballroom and My Experiences by Trickssi
A look at the culture of ballroom dancing. (Published 04/10/17)

"How You Can Reduce the Risk of Date Rape" by Trickssi
Placing blame on survivors, instead of where it belongs. (Published 04/09/17)

"It's Just a Joke!" by Trickssi
Inappropriate jokes and the effect on survivors. (Published 04/08/17)

"Grab Them By the P*ssy" by Trickssi
The now infamous tape of Donald Trump's comments. (Published 04/07/17)

Conventions/Tekko by Trickssi
Harassment at conventions. (Published 04/06/17)

The "Friend Zone" by Trickssi
The toxicity, misogyny, and objectification of this term. (Published 04/05/17)

"Survivors have scars, victims have graves." by Trickssi
Why these labels matter. (Published 04/04/17)

"We Interviewed Rapists" by Trickssi
Analysis of a deeply flawed and disturbing bit of 'advice'. (Published 04/03/17)

Triggers by Trickssi
Misuse of the word & the concept of censorship. (Published 04/02/17)

"Break His Finger" by Trickssi
Unhelpful & harmful 'tips' for preventing assault. (Published 04/01/17)

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