Moment of Silence

April 29th, 2017

Content Warning(s): Sexual Assault, Death

Day twenty-nine! April is Sexual Assault Survivor Month! This post will contain sensitive material; please exercise caution if you see a topic that could be upsetting to you. A final caveat: these are written from my limited perspective as a bi woman who was raped. I don't have all the answers and I'm still working through my own journey. There are many other kinds of sexual assault and abuse that are relevant this month. Take time to consider the needs of your diverse fellow survivors. Speak up for them when they can't speak up for themselves, but don't speak over them. Thank you!

One day remains on my journey of writing my way through Sexual Assault Survivors Awareness month.

On this day, the corresponding day of the month when I was raped almost three years ago, I ask you to take a moment of silence for all of those who didn't live through their assaults, those who ended their own lives because the struggle seemed too great and the resources too few, those who can't speak for themselves or are silenced about what happened to them; for those who just became survivors, those who are realizing they're survivors, those who are working through their trauma, those who still need support to work through their trauma, those still in denial about what happened to them, those who left a bad situation, those who couldn't leave their bad situation, those who feel like they're alone right now.

A "moment" is described as roughly 90 seconds. I'd be grateful if you could set aside some time today for reflection and honoring both survivors and those who didn't survive.

Thanks for reading! Tomorrow will bring this series to a close, offering resources for survivors and ways you can reach out to get or give help.


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